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Fiscal Year 2018/19 Gross Revenue: $1,155,622.00 Seller’s Discretionary Earnings (SDE): $ 219,408 Asking Price: $200,000 Fixtures & Equipment): Well-maintained fleet of Trucks

This is a rare opportunity to own a 60+ year old, profitable and well established Plastic Injection Molding Manufacturing Business in Los Angeles. This business is perfect for a buyer with in
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2017 Gross Revenue $1,450,993. 2017 EBITDA - $185,945. This is a rare opportunity to own a w

Early possession is the taking over of a business before the close of escrow. I've had several business transactions where the buyer wanted to take over the business before the close of escrow. Is th
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Asset Sale vs. Stock Sale. Deciding whether to structure a business sale as an asset sale or a stock sale is complicated because the parties involved benefit from opposing structures. Generally, buyers

On average, selling a business can take between 6 to 9 months. Here are 5 reasons why using a Certified Business Broker will greatly benefit the seller when selling their business. 1. Maintain Strict

Due Diligence is the process that both buyers and sellers of a business sale will perform in order to verify exactly what the other party claims to have in regard to the business or themselves. Due Di

When I meet with business owners who want to sell their businesses, they often tell me that they want all cash. I let them know that an all cash offer is the best scenario and that a buyer who does pa

When meeting with business owners who are thinking about selling their business, I want to let them know what serious buyers are looking for when they’re contemplating purchasing a business. With...

Depending on the type of business you own, there are many different questions that I will ask a business owner about his inventory to determine how I will proceed in my evaluation of the business

To determine the value of a business, a Business Broker needs to fully understand all aspects of the business. The Broker will interview the owner and ask many, many questions to gain as muc

If you're thinking about selling your business, here are 7 proven tips to help increase the value & sale-ability of your business. 1. Organize and check your Business Financial information. Have’s Third Quarter 2014 Insight Report shows transaction levels still on pace for record-breaking year, sellers now receiving a higher percentage of asking price and improved cash flow...
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There are hundreds of variables in selling a business and it is the Broker’s job to pay close attention to all of the details to make sure the business transaction is a smooth one. There are many...

Finding the right buyer for the right business is the key to a smooth sales transaction, and also contributes to the continued success and growth of the company. When selling a business, you want the
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Manufacturing Companies Top List of Small Businesses Bought in Q2 2017, According to New National Business Survey Small business owners, wary of economic uncertainty, more realistic about t

The 3 different approaches used to value a business are the: 1) Asset Approach, 2) Income Approach, and 3) Market Approach.Asset ApproachThe Asset Approach is generally considered to yield the m

If you are thinking about selling your business, it would be greatly beneficial to catalog all of your assets in order to help facilitate a successful sales transaction. One of the first lis

Accrual Basis AccountingA method of accounting wherein income and expenses are recognized, with the statements, when the business first acquires the right to receive the income, or the obligation to p